Disability Services

YWCA Edmonton has been providing services for people living with disabilities in Edmonton for nearly forty years. Our first programs were outdoor education camps developed specifically for children and youth with developmental or mental health disabilities, which was piloted at Camp Yowochas in 1974.

Today, YWCA Edmonton provides a wide range of respite and support services to families caring for adult or child family members with any degree of diagnosed disabilities, as well as those who are medically fragile.

All YWCA Edmonton programs for people living with disabilities can be accessed by referral only, through either Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) or Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) through the Alberta Government. If you are interested in getting a referral, please see the below contact information

For children living with disabilities
P | 780.427.4354  F | 780.427.0256  E | edm.fscd@gov.ab.ca

For adults living with disabilities
P | 780.427.2817  F | 870.422.6411