Girls' Programs

The future of women and families in Edmonton will require the commitment to positive social change from future generations. YWCA Edmonton believes that within each girl beats the heart of a change-maker. We are committed to encouraging, supporting, and celebrating the future women leaders of Edmonton. 

Banat al balad | A Safe Space

Banat al balad is led by young women and focused on female youth. The program concentrates on the critical skills girls need for healthy development. Participants in the program are involved in the design of each session. Each topic presented is focused on the specific needs and experiences of girls and young women in Canada. Participants are exposed to role models and positive messaging about being a woman while gaining skills to address various issues they will face. The talents and strengths of each girl in the program are recognized, and opportunities are made available to increase their existing strengths and develop emerging skills.
Banat al balad is a free YWCA Edmonton program for girls ages 11-15 that provides a safe place to ask important questions, learn critical thinking skills, and support one another. It provides opportunities to:

  • Build skills including leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, increased independence, self-awareness, and positive self-esteem.
  • Work collaboratively with other girls to develop a space in which everyone is respected and feels welcome.

Girls' Support Group

The Girls’ Support Group is a low-cost program for girls 14-16. The group provides a safe place to receive support, ask important questions, and engage in discussion about girl-specific topics. Girls in this group will:

  • Experience a trusting, respectful, and safe environment where they can support one another and receive support from a mental health professional;
  • Develop ways of coping with life to ease the transition from adolescence to adulthood;
  • Work with other girls to develop a space in which everyone is welcome and respected;
  • Learn, grow, and share in a nonjudgmental environment supported by professional staff and volunteers.