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As part of the oldest and largest women’s social service organization in Canada, the YWCA Edmonton has been serving the capital region since its founding in 1907. We are a women’s organization that advances the wellness and growth of women, girls, and families. 

“The YWCA is the reason I’m alive today. When I first walked into the Counselling Centre, I had run out of reasons to live. I had no money to afford help.
I was lucky to find the YWCA.”

Real Impact

Since founding in 1907, YWCA Edmonton has grown and evolved with Edmontonians, responding to the ever-changing issues and needs of a growing population.

Today, we’re proud to support 8,000 women and families through counselling, leadership programs, outdoor education, and disability services. 


85% of Counselling Services clients have a better understanding of the issues they face and how to cope with them.

Finally free: *Ella’s escape from domestic violence

*Ella’s life changed when she was 10 years old. That was the year she lost a pivotal role model in her life: her mother. Her father and siblings remained a constant source of support growing up, but her mother’s death left an undeniable hole in her life. Then she met him — her now ex-husband. Their relationship finally offered the warmth and love she once felt from her mother. “He was the first man in my life,” she said. Not so happily ever after After a couple of years together, though, the abuse started —  first in the form of…

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