Creating brighter futures for women & families

Equality, opportunity, choice

As part of the oldest and largest women’s social service organization in Canada, the YWCA Edmonton has been serving the capital region since its founding in 1907. We are a women’s organization that advances the wellness and growth of women, girls, and families. 

“The YWCA is the reason I’m alive today. When I first walked into the Counselling Centre, I had run out of reasons to live. I had no money to afford help.
I was lucky to find the YWCA.”

Real Impact

Since founding in 1907, YWCA Edmonton has grown and evolved with Edmontonians, responding to the ever-changing issues and needs of a growing population.

Today, we’re proud to support 8,000 women and families through counselling, leadership programs, outdoor education, and disability services. 


85% of Counselling Services clients have a better understanding of the issues they face and how to cope with them.

'Captain Lyle'

Bowling. Dancing. Art classes. Lyle likes to stay busy. And now, thanks to a major personal achievement, he can add swimming to the list. Lyle, 55, was first referred to YWCA Edmonton’s Disability Services in 2012. He lives full-time in a support home to help him manage with his cerebral palsy and mild intellectual disability. He enjoys participating in activities through a regular day program, bowling with his dad, relaxing at home with his mom, and playing games on his iPad. As active and capable as he is, there are some things Lyle can’t do — like fasten a button,…

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When you support YWCA Edmonton, you transform the lives of thousands of women and families in need.