We all receive many requests for support during the holiday season. So, I thought I’d like to give you a small gift: the heart-warming story of one of the children we see here in our Counselling Centre.

The other day I was working with my office door open, as I often do.

I heard a little boy’s voice. He was talking with our Counselling Services Coordinator as he waited for his turn in our play therapy room. His mom was already in her session with one of our psychologists.

I’ve seen this little boy in our reception area once a week for the past couple of months. He’s probably 6. He has huge brown eyes and always wears this super-hip hat. When he first arrived, I didn’t hear a word from him. He would sit quietly in his chair and look at the floor. He looked… old. Older than he should. Like he had seen too much. It was hard to walk past that little boy each week.

But this day was different.

I heard him chattering away, so I stood in my doorway to listen for a moment. He was talking about paper clips.

He said, “I’m going to make a chain as long as Spiderman would need to swing off of this whole building!” He was laughing.

I can’t tell you what it meant to me to hear that little boy behaving like a healthy, curious, superhero-obsessed child. I know he still has challenges in his life, but he also has tools to deal with them and some capacity for laughter. I can’t even imagine what this means to him. What it means to his mom.

You’re a part of that.

Your support of the YWCA means this wonderful little boy can keep coming to see our extraordinary psychologists, have a safe space to talk about his fears, and learn how to deal with them. I’m sharing one moment of my day with you, because it happened recently, and my heart is still full of gratitude for everyone who contributed to this boy’s laughter, and the healing of so many others.

Help more children learn to laugh again. To feel safe and secure again.

Please include the YWCA on your list of gift recipients this holiday season. You can donate easily online.

On behalf of the women and children we serve, thank you.

May your holidays be warm and bright!

— Jackie Foord, YWCA Edmonton CEO


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