After seven years as CEO, I announced to YWCA Edmonton Staff and Board that I am stepping down at the end of March.

The YWCA is a powerful voice for women, girls, and families in our city. That strength, coupled with the fact that women’s equality is openly discussed at dinner tables and in corporate boardrooms means the work of the YWCA is more relevant than ever. The conditions are perfect for a new leader to move the organization to its next stage of development.

In an organization this old and storied, few individuals will lay claim to a legacy. I hope the YWCA history book remembers the accomplishments of the staff I’ve had the privilege of working with these past seven years. They provide support to the most vulnerable people in our city, and they do so with dignity, professionalism, and respect. The YWCA and our community are in excellent hands.

These years with the YWCA have been among the most professionally and personally rewarding in my life. The integrity and the resiliency of this organization and those who serve it are hard to put into words. I’m honoured to have played a part in its 111-year history.

I want to thank the Board of Directors for trusting me to guide this incredible organization. They govern with passion and wisdom, and the YWCA is stronger for their leadership.

This is farewell, not goodbye. Once you are part of the YWCA movement you never really leave; I’ll be an active volunteer and financial supporter of YWCA Edmonton for years to come. Women’s organizations need to be funded. In today’s climate, that means donations. I encourage you to join me in support the ongoing work of the YWCA. You can donate here.

— Jackie Foord


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