Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness programs and services find new home at YWCA Edmonton

Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness is making a change designed to better support the communities it serves. Starting in late August, YWCA Edmonton will begin delivering sexual health support and education programs previously offered by Compass Centre. Three programs currently offered by Compass Centre will now be delivered by YWCA Edmonton. These programs include: education … Read more

Creating an environment for voices to grow

Camp Yowochas is situated on 50 acres of beautiful aspen parkland forest. With unparalleled access to water, undisturbed forest, flora, fauna, and wetlands, our environment is our most powerful teaching tool as a summer camp and outdoor education centre. “Much of our teaching comes in the form of facilitation,” explained Natalie Armbruster (a.k.a. “Hawk”), one … Read more

Government of Canada announces funding for women’s organizations in Edmonton and Northern Alberta

YWCA Edmonton is a strong, reputable voice for women in our city. We were founded in 1907 to offer young women newly arrived in our city a safe place to stay, and training for employment. Through the next hundred years, we grew and evolved with Edmontonians, responding to the ever-changing issues and the needs of … Read more

Speaking Up to Transform Trauma

Trauma flows from any life event perceived as too difficult to process. It can manifest emotionally as depression or anxiety, or physically as injury or illness. Regardless, trauma plays a powerful role in our mental health, often silencing true information and narrating our reality with a negative or dysfunctional voice: “I’m not good enough. I’m … Read more