Serving our community in crisis: a message from Katherine O’Neill, YWCA Edmonton’s new CEO

March 16, 2020 is a date our community won’t soon forget.

It was the day when it became very clear the COVID-19 crisis had reached our borders and every single Canadian was now being urged by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stay home indefinitely to help stop the spread of this deadly virus.

It was also the day I started my new role as the CEO at the YWCA Edmonton.

10 Non-physical Signs of Intimate Partner Violence

10 Non-physical Signs of Intimate Partner Violence

In 2018, according to Statistics Canada, police reported 13,896 victims of intimate partner violence. Of those victims, more than two thirds were women.

In order to help ourselves or those we love who may be experiencing abuse, we need to be aware of all the possible warning signs, even those which may not appear on a person’s body.