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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

 I don’t think there’s a time I can recall where I didn’t feel tied to my appearance; self-conscious and always wanting to change who I was and how I looked to fit in, be accepted, and worthy of some sort of belonging.

Could it be? That I’m NOT the only one? Not the only one that, felt every ounce of who I was and the love I deserved was directly tied to my “beauty”. Has this message really been so embedded into our minds that we simply go through the motions, prepping and preening ourselves every morning with zero awareness that we are so attached to this made-over person?

I’ve spent… well… most of my life but particularly the past two years in every attempt to peel back the layers figuring out who I am deep down and sharing this person with the outside world.

After two years of heavy, in depth self-discovery, I genuinely thought I had myself figured out enough to stand on my own two feet, confidant in who I was and unattached to my appearance as my source of happiness or a form of identification. Was I in for a shock!

Upon recently traveling to India where I had close to no control over what food ended up on my plate, unable to calculate the grams of fat, carbs, and proteins in each portion, I realized just how messed up my relationship with not only food, but my body and image actually still was. There were times I found myself experiencing full blown anxiety attacks over what I was eating and how much of it, the lack of access to workout equipment, and the obvious fact that I had gained a bit of weight. I actually felt like a sense of my identity was gone; This less than desirable weight range left me feeling gross and unworthy.

Why are we so flipping attached to how we LOOK as our form of identity, beauty, and self-worth?!?!?  I have realized  this will probably be a life-long learning experience for myself and I’m sure others as well.

Who we are is so, SO much more than what we look like. We are worthy and whole as we are, and our energy is better spent creatively sharing ourselves with the world than trying to fit some generic mould; to have the courage to step forward and become leaders.

Unfortunately, a very different message is being absorbed by the young minds of tomorrow’s leaders. Our community NEEDS programs like those currently provided, such as GirlSpace, and future programs being developed by the YWCA Edmonton. And I assure you, I did my research to find  an organization that was on par with teaching the message I value down to the core of who I am.

I feel a need to help make this education available to girls growing up in my community, so I have started a fundraising campaign with the YWCA Edmonton where I will be raising money in support of their girls programs to:

SHAVE MY HEAD BALD on November 1, 2014!!!!!

Please check out my fundraising page or learn more about YWCA Edmonton programs.

Kat Trimarco
YWCA Supporter


Note: this is an edited version of Kat's blog. The full blog is available at

To read more about Kat's upcoming fundraiser, please open the atttachment below.

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