Finance & Fiddles

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In case you missed our AGM on April 23, 2014 or just wanted to hear the poem one more time!


There once was a woman, not so young anymore,

Who offered support to the women’s organization she’d wanted to explore

She thought to herself, “What on earth can I offer?”

Being a social worker, she thought I must have some things in the coffer!

She joined the finance committee because her knowledge was lacking

But with gumption she said “Well, I guess Let’s get cracking”!


What came to be was nothing but surprising

When asked in year two would she take on financial advising

With support from others on the committee

She agreed to getting down and dirty with the financial nitty gritty


In year 3 she stepped down from her post

With someone much more appropriate stepping in with financial savvy to boast

Only to have a situation arise where the financial guru must leave

Which found our protagonist back as treasurer, Who could ever conceive?


But when asked you step in and help out where you can

And really truly hope that it doesn’t all “hit the fan”

When they realize that for the second year in a row

You had a social worker in charge of your dough!


Now the title of this poem is finance and fiddles

And you’ve heard about the finance so where are the fiddles?

Well who would have known the fun to be had

when a treasurer and an auditor go a bit mad

stay in your seats for it’s a show not to be missed

for this is a treasurers report with a twist


I welcome up to celebrate my final report

Our Auditor and his brother, who is an incredible sport

To join me with their fiddles and bows

And play you a diddy that you may or may not know

As I do my last jig with my friend Patrick Moore

For this is an auditor I have come to adore.

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