Keep It In The Ring

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

‘Keep it in the Ring’(*)

Edmonton MFC Fighter Vic Valimaki Supports YWCA Edmonton


The world of MMA (mixed marital arts) combines excitement, athleticism, strength and, in the eyes of some, violence. 

YWCA Edmonton has partnered with local MFC (Maximum Fighting Championship) Fighter, Vic Valimaki, to help erase the stigma that MMA is solely a violent sport and to raise awareness of the importance of leaving “fighting” to the professionals. 

The sport of MMA has evolved into a mainstream sport with world class athletes, requiring dedication and discipline to excel.

Vic believes strongly in keeping his actions in the ring, hence our slogan of ‘Keep it in the Ring’.  Although Vic fights for a living, he never condones violence against women and children.

“I fight professionally yes, but I know there is a huge difference between fighting with skill and fighting with anger.”

We first met Vic last year when he was strapping on heels with fellow local professional fighters for a photo shoot for our Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event.  When we asked Vic about why he has chosen to lend his time, talent and treasures to the YWCA, his answer surprised us:

“I decided to work with the YWCA because of their sterling reputation. The work they do in our community stands for itself.  As the father of 2 young girls myself, I am encouraged and extremely supportive of the impact the YWCA is having on the lives of young women.”

‘Keep it in the Ring’ is an initiative to raise funds and awareness for YWCA Edmonton programs to help women and children walk away from family violence.  

Vic is passionate about his own role in keeping violence out of the home, saying “’Keep it in the Ring’ is an important initiative where the YWCA and I can potentially steer people away from domestic violence.”

In partnership with Vic, we have created a special Vic Valimaki/YWCA ’Keep it in the Ring” t-shirt which will be available for purchase at the upcoming MFC Event on May 9th at the Shaw Conference Centre.  All proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will be in support of YWCA Edmonton. 

Support from our friends in the community will allow us to deliver more effective community services like subsidized counselling, leadership development, and violence prevention & recovery programs.  With your support, the YWCA can help more women and children move on to lead happier, healthier lives. 

YWCA wishes to extend our sincerest appreciation to Vic Valimaki for believing in the YWCA and his desire to continue raising funds and awareness of our programs and services.  All the best to you in your upcoming event! 

To purchase the ‘Keep it in the Ring’ t-shirt, please email

To purchase your tickets to the MFC Event on May 9, contact Vic Valimaki at 780-232-6610 or


Stephanie Perilli
Manager, Fund Development

(*) Trademark Pending

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