Sponsor Energy Special Offer

Friday, 14 March 2014
We use energy every day – so why not use our power for good?


Did you know that you can empower the YWCA just by paying your energy bill? 

Sponsor Energy donates 50% of their profits to the charity of your choice, including YWCA Edmonton.

Sponsor Energy is an Alberta-based company that utilizes the same infrastructure as other large companies, so the service quality is identical.

They are offering a great rate to promote this program, so this is the PERFECT time to switch easily, save on electricity AND ensure your money comes directly back into our community.

Sign up by March 31st and pay just 7.25 c/kWh for your electricity– a rate guaranteed until December 31, 2016. - For those of you who have no idea what this rate means: as an example I currently pay 8.8 c/kWh with a major company. Also:No contracts to sign.

Switching’s easy; Sponsor Energy will take care of everything.

This includes working with your current energy provider on the switch. All you have to do is complete a quick online registration and they will take care of the rest.


1.       Go to  https://www.sponsorenergy.net/mysecure/signup.html

2.       Complete the form

a.       Enter “YWCA EDMONTON” in the promotional code

b.      Select “YWCA EDMONTON” from the dropdown list

                                                               i.      YWCA EDMONTON must be in both fields in order for you to receive the discounted rate AND for the YWCA to receive 50% of each kWh of electricity you consume

c.       Select the date you wish switch over

d.      Select “Pre-approved Rate”

                                                               i.      This ensures you get the discounted rate!

e.      Enter your site ID # (on your current energy bill) or your meter number (found right on the meter at your house)

f.        Enter your banking information for easy billing/payment processing

3.       Sponsor Energy takes care of the rest.


Do you own a commercial or industrial facility?  Sponsor Energy can also provide a great rate for your energy consumption. 


What are you waiting for? Contact Sponsor Energy today and start using your power for good!   

www.sponsorenergy.com or 1-855-545-1160

Stephanie Perilli
Manager, Fund Development

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