Clarice Anderson

Clarice Anderson has a Masters in Indigenous Land-Based Education, is a teacher, a consultant for Alberta Education, and most importantly, a mother. She always finds new adventures in raising four energetic boys. As a young girl, she always looked up to and admired teachers and those who shared their knowledge. This admiration became a driving force in her pursuit of higher education and a fulfilling career. Clarice has over 15 years of experience in her profession and always embraces new challenges. Avid about fitness, Clarice advocates for healthy activity. She has impressed this passion on her students and loves to see them develop and thrive. She has represented her Cree culture and education around the world, most recently in presenting at the Annual Education Conference in Hawaii. As a proud member of Saddle Lake Cree Nation, Clarice feels a duty to share, speak and educate in an effort to aid and advance Reconciliation and Women’s Rights in Canada.
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