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Rose Council

YWCA Edmonton’s Rose Council is a passionate group of community members who are advocates committed to taking action on gender-based violence. As champions for the YWCA’s Rose Campaign and 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, our Council Members are ambassadors and leaders, engaging the Greater Edmonton community on issues of gender-based violence, equity, and safety. We are proud to introduce you to our inaugural Council Members.

Alia Chadi headshot

Alia Chadi holds much pride for the city of Edmonton, where she was born and raised. Alia is actively involved in the community and has financially supported many community groups and charities. Alia is proud to be a part of the Rose Council committee, and is committed to taking action on violence against women and girls. After obtaining a bachelor’s of Education Degree, Alia went on to run a Residential and Commercial real estate brokerage with her husband. Alia is raising three children Ava, Sid and Noah.

Alia Chadi

Andrea Trendel has been in the field of social work for over two decades and is committed to bringing about positive social change, not just for individuals, but for organizations and communities. She is energized by the vision to reduce inequities and injustices in our community and believes that the YWCA and the Rose Council will provide an opportunity to support these goals. Andrea is a life-long cheerleader for the city of Edmonton and is proud, with her husband and two children, to make it her home.

Andrea Trendel

Andrea Trendel headshot
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Bhupinder Lalh is a former educator with the Edmonton Public School Board. Over the last few years, she has been drawn to becoming more involved in furthering women’s health and well being. She feels we all have a responsibility, no matter your gender—to educate, to advocate, to create more tolerance, to instill respected values and viewpoints She wants to make lasting changes when it comes to women’s rights, which indeed, are human rights.

Bhupinder Lalh

Cathy Cyr is a retired educator, mother, grandmother and long term supporter of the YWCA Rose Campaign Breakfast. Over the years she has heard the stories of the many women who have escaped violence and horrendous living conditions because of the counselling services and other support programs the YWCA offers. She has been extremely moved by their stories and is so grateful for the opportunity to support these programs and take action to put an end to gender-based violence.

Cathy Cyr

Cathy Cyr

Darcie Roach specializes in connecting the right people, at the right time, to create impact across organizations and community. Darcie joined the YWCA in 2009 as a volunteer because she believes that supporting women and families builds a stronger community.

Darcie Roach

Dr. Ericka Wiebe is a radiation oncologist who works in women’s health with a specific focus on cancer treatment. The Rose Council offers an opportunity for her to engage broader aspects of community health. She sees a clear need for, and a real benefit to, the YWCA programs and national advocacy campaign. Ericka is pleased to support the Rose Campaign in taking action to end violence against women, and building safe communities.

Ericka Wiebe

Lillian Zenari is a first generation Canadian, born and raised in Edmonton. Her strong Italian family instilled in her the importance of community and compassion. Lillian currently works as a Chartered Professional Accountant for CWB Financial Group. She has come to realize that women, because of their gender and other life circumstances, experience obstacles or injustices that are simply unfair. She believes women need a hand up to achieve their goals, be safe, and make the contributions our city, country and world so desperately need from women. Lillian has been volunteering for the YWCA Edmonton for the past three years, and also serves on the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors. She lives in Edmonton with her husband, their son and their miniature goldendoodle.

Lillian Zenari

Naomi Schmold is a proud supporter and alumni Board member of the YWCA Edmonton. She is deeply committed to the work of the Rose Council in raising awareness of gender-based violence and building a brighter future for women, girls, and families in our community.

Naomi Schmold

Robyn Wosnack is a commercial real estate professional with over 18 years in the industry, working in brokerage, ownership, and presently real estate financing with RBC. She is an active member of both the RBC Women’s Employee Resource Group, and Edmonton CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) as she believes in working to support and further the careers of women in historically male dominated sectors. The YWCA Rose Council is an incredible opportunity to continue to lift women up and bring awareness about violence against women and issues facing marginalized members of our community.

Robyn Wosnack

Shannon Butler has been Executive Coordinator of the Butler Family Foundation since 2007. She has a passion for connecting people and working collaboratively. She believes that conversations can inspire real change and that the true measure of a community is how it comes together to support and value its most vulnerable members.

Shannon Butler

Trish Johnston was born and raised in Edmonton, and continues to call the city home with her two teenagers, husband and Bernadoodle. Working in the field of communications, engagement and community investment, Tricia joined the YWCA and The Rose Council to get more personally involved, help end violence against women and create a safe community free of fear, and to learn, listen and be inspired.

Trish Johnston

Tysier Main is a stay-at-home mother of three. The Rose Campaign is important to her because she wants to educate youth on domestic violence so they can learn how they can help others and be empowered to change the way our society deals with it. Tysier believes it needs to be talked about more than ever and that we need the support of the young people who can make big changes in the future.

Tysier Main

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