YWCA Edmonton has been a part of our community since it was founded in 1907. Our first program, Cushing House, rented rooms to single women, newly arrived by train to Edmonton, for $60 per month. From those humble beginnings, YWCA Edmonton has become a cornerstone of our community, responding to the evolving social services needs of Edmonton.

Over the next 110 years, the dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters of YWCA Edmonton were a driving force for the rights and safety of women, children and families. YWCA Edmonton contributed support, experience and expertise to the development of many of the most important social services programs for women and children in Edmonton. Some of the Edmonton programs which began under the banner of or in partnership with YWCA Edmonton are:

  • United Way, Capital Region (formerly the Edmonton Community Chest)
  • Edmonton’s First Daycare
  • Edmonton Association of Continuing Education and Recreation (EACER)
  • Foster Parents Association of Edmonton
  • The Business and Professional Women’s Club
  • Big Sisters
  • Women in Need (WIN) House
  • Rape Crisis Centre (now SACE)

As we move into our next 100 years of serving Edmonton, we are committed to continued service to the women and families and bringing new and effective social innovations to our community.