On December 12, 1921, Edmontonians went to the polls and made history.

A woman the press described as a “housewife” received 3,341 votes and became our city’s very first female councillor. 

Her name?

Izena Ross. 

Join us on January 19 as we uncover Izena’s story and launch a grassroots, volunteer effort to remember her and the other female leaders that have served at Edmonton City Hall in the last century. Hear about their trials and tribulations, the zigs and zags of progress in our city, and how these women persisted while being called silly, unwomanly and even beastly for just working on your behalf.

It’s a political journey filled with many twists and turns that you won’t want to miss. A political journey that matters now more than ever. 

 On January 19, we begin Searching for Izena.