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PART 1: #30 & #31

To start this political journey, let’s begin right at the end. In 100 years, only 31 women have been elected to Edmonton City Council. In the first episode, you’ll meet #30 (Bev Esslinger) and #31 (Sarah Hamilton) and learn about why they ran and their experiences at City Hall. You’ll also hear from the Searching For Izena project co-chairs YWCA Edmonton CEO Katherine O’Neill and Parity YEG Vice-Chair Rajah Maggay. They will talk about the centennial and why gender parity and representation matters in 2021 more than ever. 

Guests: Katherine O’Neill, Rajah Maggay, Bev Esslinger, Sarah Hamilton


Stacey Brotzel
Stacey Brotzel
Kim-Ann Wilson
Kim-Ann Wilson


Sam Brooks Headshot
Sam Brooks


Deanna Bains
Deanna Bains


Lyra Brown
Lyra Brown


Part 1: #30 & #31

Part 2: Sex, Tea Parties & Cigarettes

Part 3: 1989

Part 4: Zero 

Part 5: Mom

Part 6: Enough

Part 7: What If

New episodes will be released on the third Tuesday of each month until our Series Finale in September.