The holidays can hold different meanings for different people, but for us, they’re a time for our Disability Services individuals, families, and staff to come together as a community.

On December 14, around 200 attendees filled the Alberta Avenue Community League for our annual Disability Services Christmas Party. Decorations, gifts, turkey dinner, and a visit from Santa (herself) — we had it all, and the smiles from everyone in the room confirmed it was a magical night, as always.

Connecting a community

Each year, Disability Services hosts two community connection events: a Christmas Party and a Summer Barbecue.


Individuals stay busy throughout the year, following specific schedules with their families and support workers to achieve milestones and gain independence. As a result, they can become isolated from others in Disability Services, who are working towards their own goals.

That’s where our events come in. They provide a meaningful opportunity for everyone to connect, network, and just enjoy an evening together.

Because when we build critical community connection, everyone thrives.

Individuals are more empowered to learn, set goals, take risks, experience success and failure, develop skills, and engage in their community as active citizens to their full potential.

Families are more equipped to build and maintain a strong, healthy family unit around each individual, allowing them to thrive.

Support Workers are more resourced to set benchmarks that will challenge their individuals, develop plans to move them forward, and celebrate with them when progress is achieved.

Want to help?

We require donor support and volunteers for our next event, our Summer Barbecue in July. Contact us to get involved. 


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