We’re lucky to live in a city with such a strong focus on community. We see that community spirit come alive every year at the AFP Edmonton & Area National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon, and this year was no different.

On November 9, more than 120 individuals, corporations, foundations, volunteers, and the like, from around Edmonton received an award for their outstanding efforts to enhance our community.

Among them, we were honoured to recognize 5 nominees with a 2017 Social Services Award:

These organizations and individuals have done much to support our agency and, in turn, the women and families we serve. For that, we’re extremely grateful. Thank you.

How our nominees support us

Avonlea Photography: For images worth more than a thousand words

Telling a powerful story to the public about the impact a charity has on the people they serve is an important part of its success. Avonlea Photography has been telling the story of the YWCA through compelling images for more than 15 years.

Avonlea Photography has captured dozens of YWCA special events and programs for sponsor recognition, donor impact reports, and agency communications.

Most notably, Avonlea has donated hundreds of portrait sessions to YWCA Women of Distinction, providing them with professional photos to use throughout their careers.

Avonlea Photography’s story-telling and support over the last 15 years have been vital to ensuring the long-term health of YWCA programs and services.

Bill Pannebaker: Helping families move from crisis to resilience

When we asked Bill Pannebaker to attend the Rose Campaign Breakfast in support of our Counselling Centre, he said “yes.” When we took it one step further and asked if he would host a table — “yes” again!

But then, as he does, Bill went even further. A husband, father and co-owner of CKB Construction, Bill always does what he can to go the extra mile.

For the Rose Campaign Breakfast, not only did Bill invite others from CKB, including his brother and sister, he asked a few community-minded colleagues to step up as well. When we needed construction advice for our Camp Yowochas location, CKB was glad to point us in the right direction.

Bill’s support has changed the lives of many families accessing our services.

Stay tuned for profiles on our other nominees in the coming months.


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