WAVE Members Announced at City Hall

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Women’s Advocacy Voice Committee of Edmonton (WAVE)

Members Announced by City Hall


 (Edmonton, May 14, 2014) The 15 members of the City of Edmonton’s inaugural Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton (WAVE) Committee were announced today. YWCA Edmonton applauds the City of Edmonton and the members of city council for making this committee a priority. WAVE is part of the City’s larger Edmonton Women’s Initiative to ensure women's rights, issues, and opinions are represented fairly and equally from every background including social, cultural, physical and occupational.


The WAVE Committee will bring valuable perspective to issues we face as Edmontonians and help ensure a broad spectrum of women voices are heard while decisions are being made.


The YWCA congratulates all the women who were selected to serve on the committee including our own Jacqueline Foord, Chief Executive Officer of YWCA; and thanks the over 150 women who applied.  


“It’s especially encouraging  given the current make-up of city council and recent conversations regarding the value of the city’s Opening the Potential women’s mentorship program”  says Amber Niemeier, Director of Communications and Development at YWCA Edmonton.  “This initiative and the months of planning beforehand shows women do care about making our city more inclusive. We believe the WAVE Committee will lead to more women getting involved to address local issues.”


YWCA Edmonton is a local non-profit organization that has been serving the capital region since 1907; founded on the belief that women must take a leadership role in shaping society’s direction to achieve equity and equality for all women.

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