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Girls Counselling Group

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The Girls Counselling Group is a low-cost, weekly drop-in program to support teen girls. 

The Girls Counselling Group provides a safe place to:

  • receive support
  • ask important questions
  • engage in discussion about girl-specific topics

Participants are exposed to peer support, role models, and positive messaging about being a woman, while they gain skills to address the issues they face.


The difference Girls Counselling Group makes

Research shows girls are more likely than their male counterparts to face barriers to personal growth, education, and employment  as they age and develop. The Girls Conselling Group provides access to resources and support, so girls can be connected, empowered, and better positioned to become agents of change in their lives and communities.

How it works

Led by a Registered Provisional Psychologist, girls in this group will:

  • Experience a trusting, respectful, and safe environment where they can support one another and receive support from a mental health professional.
  • Develop ways of coping with life to ease the transition from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Work with other girls to develop a space in which everyone is welcome and respected.
  • Learn, grow, and share in a nonjudgmental environment, supported by professional staff and volunteers.

Girls in the program are involved in the design of each session and may bring a topic for discussion each week that is relevant in their lives.

Program Details

Who can participate

The group is open to anyone who identifies as a girl between the ages of 14-16. Girls outside of this age range may be considered.


The group runs on a drop-in basis every Thursday from 4:30-6 p.m. after school.




YWCA Edmonton Office

“The Girls Counselling Group helped my daughter gain back some of her self-confidence and develop strategies to help with her anxiety. She learned to problem-solve with things like bullying (which she has experienced personally) and now has insight to many of life's more difficult situations and how to deal with them effectively."

— Parent of Group Participant

How to sign up

  1. Fill out an intake package. Download our intake package, or contact our Counselling Centre to complete it via fax or mail.
  2. See if the group is right for you. After completing an intake package, our Group Facilitator will invite both the participant(s) and parent(s)/guardian(s) for an interview to assess the participant(s)’ fit and readiness for the group, discuss presenting concerns, and learn the rules of the group.

A screening interview and parent/guardian consent is required to participate.


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