Becoming a Member of the Board

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

For me, volunteering with the YWCA Edmonton for the past eightyears has been an inspirational journey, filled with passion and genuine fun. The entire team is comprised of some of the most amazing and dedicated people I have ever worked with. So, when the opportunity to apply for a Board of Director position presented itself, I jumped at the chance.  It is humbling and exciting to see how many lives the YWCA Edmonton reaches, changes, and empowers.

Did you know that last year the YWCA Edmonton empowered 49 teen girls in the GirlSpace program and 175 teen girls celebrated the Power of Being a Girl at their annual one-day conference?  The YoWoChas camp hosted more than 750 campers, the Disability Services team matched 98 adults and children to loving Support Homes, and the YWCA Counselling Centre helped 90% of their clients feel supported and ready to make positive changes… and this is just a small snapshot of what the YWCA Edmonton does yearly!  

Not only does being on the Board of Directors give me the opportunity to be part of this outstanding team, but it means that I get to be a part of the heart, the passion, and the leadership of the YWCA and advocate for women and their families.  I can’t wait to start this incredible journey -- it will be a labour of love that I very much look forward to.

To read even more about the work of the YWCA, you can acceess the Annual Report

And to help the YWCA in their goal to advocate, lead & empower, please Donate!

Carlee Ruddy
Board Member

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