Sergeant David Jones, one of our 2019 10th Mile Champions, has been a leading voice for families facing violence in our community, and a strong advocate and supporter of the work YWCA Edmonton does each day to assist those most in need. To mark 10 years of YWCA WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES®, we asked him to share his thoughts of what Walk A Mile means to him:

“In 16 years of policing, I’ve responded to my fair share of calls for service involving domestic violence. As police officers, we may be able to diffuse the situation temporarily, but I’m under no illusions that our intervention solves underlying issues. After the dust settles, families, survivors, and children need supports through their journey. I know the YWCA has a host of programs to offer that support. I hope that the YWCA will not only sustain their current programs, but grow to support even more of our neighbours in Edmonton.”

Sargeant David Jones

Together, we can make that happen. Will you join us as a 10th Mile Monthly Donor today, and shape the lives of Edmonton’s families for the future?


Thanks for joining us in effecting change for women, children and families across Edmonton. Together, we can shape a community that is safe and healthy for all.


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